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The ways California Chemical Almaden helps you get the most out of your swimming pool:


Initial Assessment:

This includes overall diagnostics for pool maintenance, and recommendations.

Chemical Maintenance Plan:

This includes a regular weekly check-up and balance of all chemistry.

Full Service Plan:

This includes our regular weekly chemistry check-up, cleaning, and filtration system maintenence.

Special Repair:

We will help you tackle any pool problem you are experiencing. In most cases we can fix it on the spot, and if necessary we will help you figure out how to get it fixed by trusted specialists.


We include cleaning in the Full Service Plan. We can recommend pool cleaning services but do not offer it as a separate service.

  • No chemicals are stored at the home.
  • Our prices are geared and intended for year round use.
  • There's no contract to sign.

We would like all of our customers to continue to enjoy their swimming pool experience.

We take care of all your chemical needs and all you need to provide is the water.

Referral Program: find a friend or neighbor to try our service, and you will receive a free month of service!


These are some of the beautiful swimming pools that we service.

Almaden San Jose

CA Chemical Almaden


Almaden San Jose

CA Chemical Almaden


Almaden San Jose

CA Chemical Almaden


Willow Glen
San Jose

CA Chemical Almaden


Almaden San Jose

CA Chemical Almaden


Almaden San Jose

CA Chemical Almaden

About Us


California Chemical Almaden has been providing professional chemical pool services for over 20 years in the South Bay of California. Our customers find us to be reliable, trustworthy and appreciate our experience.
You will find our rates to be most affordable for year round services.

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Questions & Answers

What causes eye irritation?

Eye irritation can be caused by the introduction of bacteria to balanced water. Add fresh water only after swimming. Try to shower before swimming. Never let children urinate in your pool. The introduction of ammonia to a swimming pool can cause eye irritation for several days. Pool with covers should be exposed at the least 25% of the time.

How long should I run my filter daily?

Recommended filtration times are as follows. Diatomaceous Earth Filters 6-8 hours. Cartridge Filters 8-10 hours. Sand Filters 10-12 hours. Homes running Solar Heating should increase running times 25%.

How do we provide access to the pool area?

Please be sure to have three feet of width on side yards for our technicians. For customers on a weekly service, gates should be unlocked. Aggressive dogs should be put away on day of service.

How do we make payment(s)?

Clients on any of our service plans will receive a self-addressed return envelope with their monthly bill. Clients can also set up an auto bill pay option with most major banks. Clients who pay for 11 months in advance will receive the 12th month for Free.

What my clients say

I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully.
Most people never listen.
- Ernest Hemingway

Work with Patrick is a pleasure. He understands exactly what is required, and our pool has never been better.

Jack Green

I'm really happy with California Chemical. There have been no problems since I hired them.

Sarah Washington

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